The Traveling Bookshelf Signing – Ft. Worth, TX – August 1, 2015

On August 1, 2015, the Indie Bookshelf hosted their annual book signing. They were The Denton Author Event but changed the name, just as an FYI.

First off, this has been the best signing yet that I have gotten to attend!

I think there are so many factors for this but the key thing was how organized and just amazing the event and organizers were!!!   They even gave out signing cards and tote bags for the attendees and had a photo shoot area set up to be crazy in!  We didn’t get a chance to be crazy in a photo but hopefully next year.

So the awesomeness of this event had to be be because everyone in the room was more than happy to be there, the lines were never too horribly long, everyone was so helpful, the authors were so relaxed and didn’t seem frazzled, and I had great company with me, including “Tink,” according to Jade 🙂

The most amazing thing, for me, was the crazy fact my name was actually known by random attendees and authors!  Like this small time, sahm, blogger was recognized. Seriously, makes me emotional even now thinking about the amazingness of this fact.  Like, I never thought I would get to this point and I did!

I think they kept this event small for a reason, ticket number wise, and I appreciated this because attendees could sit and chat with their favorite authors, get pictures, give gifts and so forth without feeling too rude or holding up a major line.

I created little author themed gift bags, courtesy of A Pair of Okies, to give to each author.  I failed at getting a picture of my gift bags but they seemed to be very appreciated!

I also had created photobooks for each author to sign, which I love because I can get everyone’s signature and talk with them even if I haven’t gotten to read their work yet. What’s amazing about this is they can guide you in person on what they think you’d like about their work or recommend certain things.


And yes, I totally put “property of” because I don’t want to lose my precious!  I did this for each of the books I created also. I have also done this for a couple other signings and it  helps save your arms or from buying maybe way too many books (I don’t think there is such a thing but my bank account does unfortunately).

One of the coolest things had to be chatting with Colleen, as she was signing the 20 books we brought for her to sign (seriously, it was about that because I was getting books signed for people across the U.S. and even one in Canada), and they said I won a Bookworm Box!!!  I was shocked and beyond excited!!!  I am lame and didn’t get to open it until the next morning and holy cow it was amazing!!!  Kathryn Perez had said one had a goodie in it and I got one of them!!

That is a SIGNED Fifty Shades Freed!  Yay!!!

I got to meet so many amazing bloggers, authors and readers at this event!  It was so awesome to finally meet some of my online book friends in real life!


Patricia, Jade and Amanda especially 🙂

  Oops, I forgot I got this one in front of the photo shoot area!

After the event, we met with Kathryn Perez and Colleen Hoover and ME Carter and several others to have a drink and get pics!  Like how cool is that?!  It was awesome to chat (even though briefly) with everyone!

We met up with Kathryn Perez later and all got some new ink (literally). Lol. I don’t recommend this as a signing to do, by the way.  😂😁

Seriously, this was an epic signing and weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!!  Kudos to The Indie Bookshelf on such a well run and fun event!!  I can not wait to go next year!
Now to bombard with all of the photos I actually got!  I got pictures with several authors even, which normally I only remember pictures with about 5 people. I missed a few I wanted too though :(.

 The bottom left corner are all books being shipped to Canada and across the U.S. for fellow book nerds 😁

   M.E. Carter

  J.C. Cliff

Caisey Quinn

 Tammara Webber

   Kristin Mayer

 Molly McAdams and I got to see her gorgeous baby!!  Oh and the amazing hubby helping care for the Monster Princess. 🙂

 Jessica Prince somehow tricked my baby girl into her arms, which never happens!  Lol.

 Colleen Hoover

Kathryn Perez and Jade!

 Sarah Dosher

  Erin Noelle and her crazy hair Pom-poms 🙂

 L.B. Simmons

  Maegan Abel

   Jay said “Ah, she smells like youth!” Lol, I awkwardly replied “You’re not allowed to steal her youth Jay!!”  😝😂

 Rebecca Shea had to awkwardly stoop to my shortness for this.

Fisher Amelie and I forgot to buy some books I needed from her (how do you even do that?!)

  Leighton Riley

Brooklyn Taylor

 1/2 of Kindle Alexander. The other half was signing. 🙂

 Lori Otto and Billie <3

   C.M. Foss was awesome to take this for me with her “monkey arms.”

 After the meet up with Jade, Kathryn’s PA.


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