Review – Word Play by Amalie Silver/Amy Queau

Review by Hayley
Word Play by Amalie Silver/Amy Queau

The release date for this book is 14th July 2014. I was privileged to be given a ARC copy of this book and from the title didn’t realize how funny and captivating this book was.
The story follows the author known as Michael Rourke trying to make his name known in the book world. Michael’s books are based on crime/mystery books but with the likes of 50 Shades of Grey and other erotica novels being published, Michael isn’t making his name known and is not making enough to pay his rent. Michael makes the decision to write a erotica novel under his pen name Christoph Strong but keeps his identity secret from the world with only his agent knowing who the real Christoph is. As sales take off Christoph is signed to a book convention but his true identity is revealed and he is mobbed by horny women as he leaves the airport. Michael then decides he will play the character Christoph Strong to become a more confident and strong alpha male but his paths cross with his book rival Betty Black who is writing in the same genre. Christoph has finds himself attracted to Betty Black whose real name is Lauren Harlo. Little does Michael know that their paths had crossed 8 years ago. When they meet at the convention Betty Black makes out like she is a blogger by the name of Monica Singer, who publishes Monica Mushings who is also best friends with Betty Black. Christoph has to find out all about her as his curiosity has peeked. There are twists in the story that leave you wanting to read more and there are some funny quotes that will have you laughing out loud.
I love this book as it not only are you following a love story but you have the funny blog postings and interviews to go alongside it which this not only makes fun of the bloggers/authors and street teams but its not in a nasty way. Amy has done a fantastic job with this book and it’s a very high 5* read for me I loved reading it and laughing along with it anyone with a sense of humor needs to one click this whether your a blogger or author you will love this.


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