Review – Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson

Review by Hayley
Wicked innocence by Missy Johnson

This book is based on a girl named Micah Lawson aged 21 or her true name identity being Mikayla Hale aged 17, Micah had a rough child hood and ran away from home aged 14 after getting her fake ID she was able to work and support herself. Micah’s true love is to sing and she finds herself auditioning for a rock band as lead singer,when she turns up to the audition she finds she sings out of key and the band are not impressed she is desperate for another chance so she goes ahead and sings again but this time better and in key, the band agree to give her another shot if she can sing at a private function that there band manager will be at if she is successful shes in. Micah takes her best friend with her to the private function where she is supposed to sing, whilst waiting to perform she bumps straight into the Hot ex rock and roll star Saxon White and her world turns upside down, Micah is unaware that Saxon white is the bands manager and after a few words of confidence Micah is able to pull off the audition and is accepted into the band but she needs to go on tour with them. There is a chemistry between Micah and Saxon but with Saxon being the bands manager but also 4 years older than Micah he has his concerns. Micah and Saxon confide in each other about there past, Saxon tells Micah why he finished in the rock and roll world and how it has effected his family life and Micah tells Saxon how she ran away from home and how her brother was killed and she blamed herself. Micah and Saxon agree to start a relationship and things seem to be go smooth until one day when Saxon takes Micah to the center he helps out at and Micah runs into one of the boys who killed her brother and the truth starts to unravel, Saxon cant believe what he is hearing and needs to find some answers. This is a rock and roll book with a romance story line that runs alongside i love the way Missy Johnson writes all her books and it leaves you wanting to read more. A full 5*s


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