Review – Twisted Ties by K.A. Robinson

This story started out in a typical but not rich girl/poor boy tale in Shattered Ties with Jesse and Emma. It was unusual because of how they’d previously met but showed how much each had grown up and their maturity levels. However, their story ended and you were left wondering what Emma would do- go after Jesse, become more with Andy, move out of her mom’s home, or cave and be part of her mom’s world.Twisted Ties shows you what Emma has chosen to do following the end of Shattered Ties. She has become best friends with Andy, Jesse’s ex best friend and decided to move across the country to escape her mom and find Jesse, if it’s even possible. Ally, Andy’s sister, disappeared in the end of the first book but definitely makes an appearance in this book.Ally ends up showing a ridiculously possessive and unstable side of her in this book and traps Jesse in the process. She continues to see Emma as an obstacle for getting to Jesse even though for a time that’s definitely not the case.  Jesse and Ally end up in a complicated twist of events. Andy and Emma surprisingly stay friends, even through some of the madness that ensues because of Ally and other events.  Jesse does get his chance to be with Emma again but Ally does everything to prevent it from happening.

I loved K.A.’s writing in this book.  After reading the first book, you felt like it’d end up as a typical romance but she loves to throw in twists to the plot.  The title is more than fitting for this book, especially when you throw in a lose cannon like Ally and she’s part of a love triangle.  She is absolutely bat-shit crazy and goes to all kinds of extremes to get Jesse but to no avail. Jesse and Emma are actually really down to Earth and K.A. describes realistic enough situations that show it isn’t all rainbows and stars.  Although, Ally is definitely an extreme most people don’t have to encounter.

I love K.A. and her writing style in all of her books and once again recommend this one for your never ending to-be-read lists!

Sidenote:  I absolutely LOVE K.A.’s music references, including the reference to Breaking the Hunger from her Torn series:)  Music and books combined that I can relate to or get references of are definitely my favorites to read.  Makes the reading experience so much better.

– Jamie

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