Review – Therapy by Kathryn Perez

I freaking love this book!!  This is one of the best books I’ve read and feel like no words I will say could even begin to do it justice. I fell in love with Jessica, Kingsley and Jace but my heart ached for them equally too.  Probably should grab a box of tissues, chocolate and have endless time to read this book because it’s almost impossible to put down!  I’ve already gotten a few friends to read it and they all feel the same way also 🙂

Jessica’s story is dear to my heart because I work with people like her when they hit their lowest and worst points in a residential setting. Reading through her being bullied and depression can be hard to read for people who aren’t used to seeing or hearing thoughts/actions she dealt with. However, her story to me was like reading what my clients tell me daily. Other parts of her story felt like pieces of my life or stories of my friends, like being lonely or not good enough for someone.

I loved that Jessica’s character is so strong without realizing it, even with her weak moments. Jace shows her some of these strengths but Kingsley really elaborates on them and helps her grow into her strengths. For example, writing poems is art even of they’re just her thoughts. He opens her to a different life of love and giving she’s never seen, felt or done before. They are crucial to each other’s lives and moving forward in those lives seeing beauty and not sadness. But, ultimately, the one that is her always, Jace, sees her through the worst also but in a different way and never stops loving her.

This story touches on topics most authors don’t write about, especially for this genre of books, like bullying, depression, mental illness, and substance abuse issues. Kathryn not only wrote this story so well but has myself and others begging for more. The quotes are unforgettable, the journal is a deep dark unknown you want more of, and the story is a circle of knowledge and inspiration to get help or help others and to find strengths not weaknesses in all.

– Jamie

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