Review – The Savannah Series by Danielle Jamie

***Possible Spoilers***
I really enjoyed this series by Danielle!  She does the first book, Irresistible, from a really good start point for Savannah.  She starts out showing the relationship with Logan and how they are as a couple.  Granted it turns out that Logan is a total sleaze ball, but Danielle showed where Savannah was happy and unhappy with the relationship also.  Mostly, it was tied to the lack of time he had for due to “work.”  Before the split with Logan, Savannah had met Kayden for his feature in the magazine she works for, Envy.  They had a great vibe going but obviously she was taken at the time.  They do start to talk after her breakup and her swearing to never let anyone hurt her like Logan had.  Needless to say they continued to have that fantastic vibe and end up together.

The second book, Inescapable, starts off with ex-boyfriend drama by Logan thinking that he has a chance of getting back with Savannah.  Savannah won’t have anything to do with him and rightly so but he is persistent.  He ends up causing more problems with Savannah by fighting with her current boyfriend, Kayden.  This book has a lot of background situations that go on in it and shows disloyalty comes in friendship form as well as boyfriend form.  It does leave you wanting so much more from the characters, making me super glad I had the whole series to sit and read!

Indestructible, the third book, continues some of the drama from the second book and shows it’s not all rainbows and unicorns type love for Savannah and Kayden.  They have their own battles to fight for each other and against others trying to preserve their relationship from some extremely envious females towards Kayden.  They also have to continue to figure out who can be trusted in this book and help Savannah cope and heal from her terrible ordeal.  This book was really great plot wise and kept you on your seat at some points.  I also liked that you also get Kayden’s perspective some in this book.

Infinite, the fourth Desire book, has a lot of happiness but stressors galore in it.  There is still some relationship drama going on with them and insecurities really come out from both of them, that’s tied to their pasts.  Savannah is also planning a wedding along with dealing with the pending trial.  This book didn’t keep you on your seat as much as the second and third books but seemed more realistic and down to Earth, in a sense. I kinda of felt it drug on maybe more than necessary but it was still enjoyable so it didn’t really bother me that much.

Southern Desire, the novella, gives us Kayden’s point of view for most of the series and is fantastic!  It was great to be able to know his thoughts and side of the story given some of the situations that happened in the second and third books.  It really helps open up the story more and gives you more of the information you’ve been dying to understand and know during the series, especially when stuff was briefly mentioned but not elaborated on. I definitely recommend reading this after reading the rest of the series though.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series.  Even though it’s set in upper class society world, it’s still very relate able emotionally and mostly relationship wise.  I love Savannah’s quick tongue and her realistic thoughts in this book.  I felt like some of the things she did or thought were the same things I would have done.  The sex scenes could be a little over the top but that’s reality too-everyone’s sex lives are different, lol.  I love Kayden in this series too!  Omg, he’s like the best boyfriend and so sweet to Savannah and just *swoon.*  Lol.   I definitely recommend reading this whole series.  It is almost impossible to put down so allow a lot of reading time for it 🙂


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