Review – The Allure of Julian Lefray by R.S. Grey


Every time R.S. releases a book, I prepare myself in a lot of ways. I prepare to read it in one sitting which usually is from 10p- way too late/early in the morning, to laugh out loud (literally) – usually while holding the sleeping baby, and enjoy every second of her stories. This story was no different and with each book she has written, I feel she enhances her writing even more!

I loved Jo’s character from the start. She was a tough and stubborn female and was in no ways a weak main character. Even with being from a small town, she fought to do what she wanted and made sure no one could get in her way. I didn’t feel like knowing her weak moments/thoughts made her weak. I think it made us know she was real and full of doubt just like the rest of us. The battle of wills she faces with Julian show her strength, humor and need to preserve her character and honor. Her humor and naivety also create some quite entertaining situations and laugh out loud moments.

Julian….well Julian, he’s definitely the epitome of the sexy man we all need in our lives. With his high society ranking and how he regarded the overbearing and controlling mother, kind of reminded me of Gossip Girl and that elitist type society, especially with the Fashion Week references. What I LOVED, is that he wasn’t like them and stayed fairly down to Earth, although slightly broody at times. The care he gave to his sister and willingness to help her out just earns him a ton of brownie points, in my book.

Dean and Lily were very subtle but crucial secondary characters in this story to really help build a better image of the main characters when they were younger, along with seeing how they keep their humor and goals in tact. I wish I could quote my favorite lines but I’m afraid that it’ll give away too much of the story… Which means you must buy this story so you understand my love of this story!

To me, this story had several things to take away from it also. The most important one – Live your dreams, big or small, and don’t give up!





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