Review – Taking Something by Elizabeth Lee

Taking Something is the second book in the series by Elizabeth Lee.  In this story, it’s from Nick’s perspective and he runs the ultimate con for him- weaseling his way into the music industry and acting as a music producer for Sadie Sinclair. He is actually really good at what he does so it helps him produce music well with Sadie, who has been difficult to the label and trying to make her own songs. He starts out running the con fine,  including securing Sadie as his girlfriend fairly quickly, and producing great tracks with her for the label.

Then the problem comes in- Gia, former child star who was in the same group as Sadie but chooses to stay as Sadie’s assistant rather than take up the offer with the label.  She piques Nick’s interest and he becomes more attracted to her while trying to keep his A game up with Sadie, who gets jealous and clingy. She sees right through Nick’s bs and keeps him on his toes and plagues his thoughts.  She has a whole unique story all her own and it shows how crazy the music industry gets, especially working with Sadie.

Then you throw in another ingredient to a total cluster-Landry, the son of Nick’s boss and major star in the music world. Because of him, Nick starts learning more about what happened to this group of childhood stars and the friendships between them.

Starting out reading this book, Nick still is a total prick and not someone you want to know. As you read the story, you get inside his head more and understand his life and story more. You hate to fight for him knowing what a total tool he can be and how he operates as a con man. But then you see him really get a run for his money and fight to keep his ruse going in order to break into the music world. Gia starts to make his plan crumble but shows that Nick can  care about someone else and face love versus dream job choices.

I definitely recommend reading this series!  It has con games, cut throat music industry stories and, of course, a good love story.

– Jamie

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