Review – Tainted by K.A. Robinson

If you haven’t read Torn and Twisted yet, please do!  This whole series has been amazing to read. It’s a different type of book for this genre considering some of the topics approached throughout the series. You see abuse, cheating, substance abuse issues and what all of them do to people throughout the series.  A lot of the books in this genre will approach cheating but not many dare to approach substance abuse and abuse issues. Maybe I took this series more to heart because I work with these issues daily at my job.  Either way, I loved this series and how it was written. In the first book, Chloe’s over exaggeration of emotions was kind of annoying, but then I remember that’s how a lot of girls and even guys think at that age. You see the love triangle and split and also see how everyone grows up in a sense emotionally.

When you read the second book, Drake and Chloe are more serious and have moved in together.   However, the book starts off with her mother coming back around for her own personal gain, like she usually does. The trip that Chloe embarks on to see family and Drake’s band going on tour starts a destructive path for Drake falling back into old habits which destroys his relationship with Chloe.  The second book also is written from both Chloe and Drake POVs which was a great way to read and know what was going on to start Drake’s habits up again and what goes on in both of their minds.

Tainted is a book that was ridiculously well written and gave details you didn’t have in the other two books- like what happens before the epilogue in Twisted and the details that happen when Chloe and Drake are apart. It is solely about Drake and Chloe also. Drake’s old habits  cause them to spilt and Chloe doesn’t go easy on him, which is great to read because that’s real life!  Not break up get back together and everything is fine or sex fixes everything. She makes them approach the issues like a real-life couple would have to in order to make a relationship survive.

In Tainted, you get to see more behind the mask of Drake also and who he is-not just the bad boy rock star.  Chloe really proves to be a stronger and more independent person in this book rather than the over emotional girl you see in the first book.  You see specifically how the phrase from book one about how together they are a destructive whirlwind comes into play. But you also get to see the beauty after the storm that comes afterwards.

– Jamie

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