Review – Shattered by Elizabeth Lee

This story made my heart hurt for poor Alyssa but brought so much angst and joy throughout it too.  At such a young age, her world was taken away from her-part of it permanently and part of it just left.  You want to cry for this shell of a girl, who doesn’t know how to function after the two closest people to her are no longer there and just wants to leave the world behind that damaged her so much.  She does continue to maintain a friendship with a girl, January, she’s known since kindergarten but it’s minimal due to her being in a long term relationship.  So you get to watch her try to function minimally and without a care until the time comes that she gets to really live again-by leaving town for good.

The book started out with the typically “I don’t give a crap” feel from Alyssa but then you start to learn why she feels this way, which is the loss Jesse and Garrett.  However, Jesse comes back, after being a part of that destruction to her heart and soul, to make things right and show her how he really feels about her.  He’s seriously swoon worthy and a knight in shining armor for her.  However, she is so damn stubborn!  But, Alyssa says it herself, well rather thinks it herself, when she talks about him in the beginning of this story-she was the drama of the trio and he was the stubborn one and Garrett kept them grounded.  The chemistry and battle of hearts is unbearable because you just want to scream “get it together and be together already!!!”

Elizabeth’s writing style for this book was different than what you typically see.  It is written from different points of view but also written in a timeline sequence and has flashbacks.  It almost seems scattered but really it’s not and flows very well.  You really feel like you are in these characters minds because as one of them thinks about a particular event, you are taken back to that point in time with Elizabeth’s words.  This can be a very hard writing style to conquer but was so beautifully executed in this book.

This story is seriously SO good!  It’s about the type of friendships and love you want to have.  The friendships are the lifelong, brother/sister, I know your deepest darkest secret type friendships that most people want and seek in life.  The love is the ultimate love that is the friendship that blossoms to something so beautiful and natural between the characters, no matter how hard they fight it.  That is a realistic love story.  It’s not cookie cutter or raunchy but real and true.  I loved every bit of this book from page one and think just about anyone else will too!


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