Review – Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey


ABS and Peanut M&Ms won me over! 😉
This is by far my top read this year thus far!  It’s laugh out loud funny and everything you’d like to have as a girl.  Great friends, hot coach, and she’s a top athlete!

Kinsley is young and has had terrible luck with the two boyfriends she’s had.  Cheating seemed to be more their type of thing.  She meets Becca and Emily as part of ULA Soccer and quickly joins forces with them.  This trio is full on entertainment in this book.  I almost swore briefly that this book was about this amazing trio of friends.  Then came along Liam Wilder.  Hot damn!  Lol.

He’s at the peak of his soccer career and everything a girl can dream about….literally in poor Kinsley’s case.  Unfortunately, for Kinsley, her fantastic friend, Becca, likes to instigate things.  One major problem, he’s now their coach…

Everything about this story makes it my top book, from the plot to the humor to abs to sex swings on the side of the field.  Um, I mean this a fantastic coming of age story   I may enjoy it “more than peanut M&M’s” but that’s a close call, since those are actually my favorite candy too.

Every time, I read RS Grey’s books they are funnier than the last and become a new addition to my top favorite authors/books list.  I commend her on this fantastic novel and love where her mind takes us in each of her books.  I full heartedly give this book 5 stars plus 5 more on sheer genius and the best humor in a book I’ve read in awhile.




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