Review – Out of Reach by Missy Johnson

Review by Hayley
Out Of Reach by Missy Johnson

*Spoiler Alert*

The perfect 5* book that will have you emotional for days. This book has got to be one of the most emotional roller coaster story lines I have ever read.
It tells the story of boyfriend and girlfriend Andy and Emily, and their best friend Seth. Andy is dying from cancer and he has beaten it once before but the disease has attacked again and there is no possible cure. There is a twist to this story though – Andy knows that Seth loves Emily as much as he does and he does his best to push them closer in an attempt of them becoming a couple when his time ends on earth.
Andy has a bucket list that has his last wish as one that he wants Seth and Emily to fulfill for him. There are many things on his list including cliff jumping/bull riding and hot air ballooning. Andy confides in Seth that he knows that his in love with Emily and he wants Seth to take care of Emily when his gone. He also informs Emily of Seth’s love for her and he asks Emily to let Seth take care of her. His not afraid of dying, his more afraid that Emily will not have anyone when his no longer there to love and protect her.
The more you get into the book the deeper the emotional roller coaster begins. When Andy dies, there are emotions between Seth and Emily that they have to overcome and make a promise to themselves that they will continue to finish Andy’s bucket list, even though he has passed away.


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