Review – Never Say Goodbye by Bethan Cooper

Review by Hayley
Never say goodbye by Bethan Cooper

I started this book never heard of it and unsure of what this was about. The story is based in a high school where everyday bullying is the key factor you are either in the cool group or you are the outsider that everyone picks on, this is the case for Ella she hides herself away by wearing baggy clothing and trying to blend into the back ground. After losing her best friend Jay to Leukemia Ella suffered depression and started to self harm herself when anxiety attacked.
When things get to much for Ella to face one day she runs away from the school but bumps into the arms of the high school jock Luke, after school Luke jumps into Ella’s car and tells her to drive but Luke’s girlfriend Jenna is not happy when she sees this. Luke explains to Ella that he is there to help her and he feels chemistry towards her,Ella starts to open up and this scares her more why she trusts him but when Luke kisses her there are butterflies and electricity flowing between them that they both feel.
Luke has ex girlfriends who will put obstacles in the way of Luke and Ella’s relationship. Sarah is a ex that is dangerous she wants Luke back and will stop at nothing to try and keep them apart but she has her reasons. Jenna is the high school ex girlfriend who wants to be the prom queen and wants full attention.
As the story line goes in deeper you start to see Ella return to the girl she used to be and transform in to a beautiful lady that does catch the attention of other men but this doesn’t come without more hurt and pain.
This story line is so addictive and deep that once you are drawn in you need to know what happens next, there are times when you will feel like crying for Ella but you may also grow to hate Luke but the ending has a twist surprise that I honestly didn’t see coming at all.
As i said i had never heard of this author until i started reading this book but i cant wait for book 2 to release as its a follow on story and i really need to know what happens next a full 5* s for this definitely in my top 10 of books this year.


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