Review – Monster by Francette Phal

This book was a little hard to start reading and to get into at first story wise. But you’re already hooked and want to know more about these characters.  Like why the hell does Eden let Dominic abuse her so??  She seem like a strong female but their relationship dynamic is just dangerous really.

Francette writes this story well and keeps the reader drawn in even though it is such a dark and disturbed story line. Eventually, it lightens up with some plot shifts and you really get to learn more about each character, especially Dominic.  When you peel away the layers of his shell you see a hurt and broken man. Still isn’t a justifiable excuse for the abuse he displays to me but it is explained. In a very odd way, this story sort of reminds me of the movie “Enough.”  Mind you, not the same story line but the abusive husband and choice to fight back type thing.

If you can handle a darker story, this is definitely worth the read. You’ll be leery of the story since it does start out so dark but keep reading it gets much better!  I’m interested to see what else Francette writes after this story.

– Jamie

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