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Jamie’s Review:

***Possible Spoiler***
The main character, Nellie, is one tough chick with a crappy life circumstance – a seizure disorder that started at the age of 10.  Even at a young age she had to deal with going from popular to outcast and bullied for something she had no control over.
She set goals in her life to be someone better and get past the pettiness of high school tormentors, with help from her best friend Andy.  When it came to high school goals it was a tough go though, especially for things that involved others that are male and not Andy.  When she has her prom date bail and her mom sets her up with a friend’s son from another school…
Brian has to meet this beautiful girl that can’t get a prom date and he knows that he just has to meet her.  He is a true gentleman to her all through the book.  Unfortunately, for both, he learns of Nellie’s epilepsy really quick.  I will hand it to him too – he sticks by her side through a lot and then one day he doesn’t.  But the reason he chooses not to will surprise you.
Nellie decides to move forward with her goals without Brian but both are suffering from lonely broken hearts.  Will they ever resolve their issues or let the truth be known between them fully?  Will it keep them apart always?  Can they forgive?
I fully sympathized with both Nellie and Brian and loved their story overall. Brian’s choices kinda ticked me off but, honestly as a fresh out of high school teen, who doesn’t make a stupid choice here and there?  Nellie, is definitely a girl that stays strong with a lot of family support.  I didn’t particularly care for some of the internal dialogue that was written – I felt like it was just a touch too much and wasn’t needed.  It did help give a sense of her personality and such but not all of it was needed.  The song and book references definitely were meant for today’s time frame and I truly appreciated getting these in the story but too many can bog down a story.  In this case, I love all of the authors referenced but it bordered on almost too many for me.
Overall, I thought this story brought to light several issues a YA generation would get and relate to, along with fitting into the now time frame.  It’s a sweet and realistic read of two young people given circumstances out of their control and still trying to find love and their way in the world.




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