Review – Happenstance: Volume 1 by Jamie McGuire


*** Possible spoilers ***
I completely and whole heartedly enjoyed this novella by Jamie. The Erin’s’ stories in this book are just crazy to read. The Erin’s are 3 girls with the same first name, born in the same hospital, and on the same day. I really feel that Happenstance definitely lived up to the name.

Easter is a girl with a horrible luck of the draw for a family life. Sonny and Alderman have the best of everything a teenage girl could ask for. But for Alderman it’s just not enough and she has to make Easter’s life even more miserable than it is. The story really centers around Alderman and Easter though, along with Alderman’s boyfriend, Weston.

One day, Easter finally just stands up to Alderman and Weston starts to help support her instead of standing idly by while his girlfriend is cruel to her. That is the start of the downfall of Erin Alderman and the rise of Erin Easter.

I am VERY excited for more novellas by Jamie and would really love to know Alderman’s viewpoint and why she suddenly turned on Easter…or is it simply a social status issue. Wes’s viewpoint would be great to read as well and possibly Brady, who got completely left alone in the crusade to torment Easter.

You find yourself oddly celebrating things in this that would be very frowned upon normally. But this is Happenstance and nothing is normal:).




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