Review – Finding June by Caitlin Kerry

Ok, so I LOVED this story!  This was so realistic and hilarious too, making it extremely hard to put down.  This story is in essence based on the main character, June, discovering herself and what she wants to do post college and breakup by Owen, her douche of an ex.  (I can say that right?)  Anyways, she disappears for the summer trying to heal and figure out what she wants to do.  June is an awkward, word vomiting, takes no crap, and speaking her mind type female.  She is a server at a local restaurant and is scared of becoming like the movie Waiting (which is a hilarious and all too accurate movie for anyone who has worked in a restaurant).

Upon her return, June is thrown under the bus by her best friend, Jolene, in the relationship sense.  Jolene has basically been playing matchmaker all summer on one side of the match with Reece.  June makes an total embarrassment of herself multiple times upon meeting Reece and acts like a total bitch to him, part out of anger towards Jolene trying to set them up and part not being ready for another relationship.  I think my absolute favorite part of the whole book is still her hitting him in the nuts with a bucket of tomatoes!  Oh yes, she totally did and then totally corrected him on whether it was a fruit or vegetable.

        “Oh, shit, are you okay?”…
“I’m fine, but I never thought I could say I had been hit in the balls with a container of tomatoes.”…
“I’m so sorry.  I totally didn’t mean to.”
        Hot guy laughed a bit.  “I would hope not.  Unless that’s how you welcome people here, with vegetables to the balls.”
        “Tomatoes are fruit.”  Oh yes, I totally said that.  Hit a hot man in the balls and then correct him…

June continues to have many awkward, word vomit, break down type moments in front of or towards poor Reece.  But this story shows how June continues to grow as an individual, including the many breakdowns because of how torn she is over who everyone wants her to be and what she wants for herself.  Reece ends up being her calm through a lot of the personal turmoil she puts herself through.  He finally gets to become a part of her story and supports and encourages her to continue to be herself and find herself, like he did post high school.  Their growing love is very relatable and it is very easy to fall in love with their love and growing story.  June ends up leaving the country for 6 months to continue discovering herself and with all the support, love and encouragement of Reece.

Following this story is very real because it’s a story a lot of young adults can easily relate to and have wondered the same questions or faced the same challenges in their lives.  This definitely includes me.  I will definitely recommend this book to anyone and can’t wait to read more by Caitlin!

– Jamie

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