Review – Entangled by Ginger Voight

I was lucky enough to read and review the first book in this series last week, Enticed.  I loved that book and am very pleased to say the second book, Entangled did not disappoint me:). Ironically enough, I now get to wait for the third book, Enraptured, not so patiently!

Entangled brings Rachel Dennehy back to LA,  three months after she fled from a disastrous situation abandoning not only Drew Fullerton but his son and her student, Jonathan. Drew’s brother, Alex, is the one that convinces her to return for the sake of Jonathan, the one person she swore she wouldn’t let down and fail, after failing another child previously in her eyes.

Upon her return, Rachel is surprised of what had become of Jonathan in such a short time- a spoiled brat that is acting out in the worst of ways because of her leaving and the way his parents are acting. This makes her job even more challenging and she utilizes Alex’s home and business to lure him back, while falling for the family unit life they are creating and Alex. It still takes a horrible accident to finally pull Jonathan out of his bad habits though but he still wishes for a family unit that has his dad, Drew, with Rachel in their home again.

Alex and Rachel begin to fall for each other and discover what it’s like to love someone again. They have to keep it secret from everyone for fear of destroying Jonathan though. However, Drew continues to pursue Rachel even with an engagement to the actress, Olivia.  He ultimately forces Rachel to truly choose which brother she wants after a series of custodial changes and her being left alone without Alex and his attempts to sway her choice.
So which brother will she choose?  Or will she just choose to continue to be only a teacher to Jonathan?
I loved how Ginger kept this story line going. I did feel like,  in some senses, it was kind of predictable but at the same time she kept you wanting to know more and wanting to know every choice made and why. Some of Rachel’s logic is understandable but at the same time very extreme. She can seem to be the savior a lot of time throughout the series, but Ginger shows she is very capable of mistakes and large ones that change her path completely. Alex ends up having a completely different side to him than what the first book depicted. He actually works hard every day at his job, is a complete family man, and kind of every girl’s dream guy. The competition with him and Drew is ridiculous though and causes alot of awkward situations for family around them and has hurt people. He doesn’t hold ground well when he is faced with a difficult situation, like the first book describes and like Drew rightly says throughout the book. Drew is hard to figure out in this book because I felt every move was calculated and planned for him. He makes off the wall comments about love that do not match why he chases after Rachel so much. Usually, he references his need to have a good mother for Jonathan. Again, everything for him felt like a calculated move but seems more of a fear of admitting that he truly loves Rachel too. This book definitely has a love triangle going on but throws children into the mix too. Jonathan in particular is the main focus child wise in this book also, which helps keep the story more realistic, in a sense. However, Rachel’s thoughts seem extreme towards the end regarding her life choices and the basis children are for those choices.

– Jamie

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