Review – Enraptured by Ginger Voight

Omg! Starting out this third book and part of the way through it, I was kind of meh about it because of the politics involved in it and Rachel’s devotion to Drew, for what I felt were the wrong reasons. However, you really want to know the rest of this family’s story, especially after the preview you see in the second book.

Rachel continues to do her motherly role, see the best in others, and try to make things right all the time. You finally get to see that Alex isn’t as rogue as the family has always thought him to be. He really steps up to the plate and helps his brother’s company, although originally for his own reasoning. The biggest and best part of this book is finally getting insight into the world of Drew, which includes the reasons for marrying Elise and how he operates in his business and personal life.

I was really iffy about this book because of the politics and scandalous lives of them in it (not my thing) but Ginger blew me away with the writing and conclusion!

– Jamie

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