Review – Dark Secret by Michelle Escamilla

“Dark Secret” definitely was an interesting book- in a good way. It follows Emma, or Em, a few months after a bad breakup and a typical post college graduate trying to survive.  She definitely is laid back when it comes to her best friend and roommate, Kyle, and they are very much established in their typical routines. They did try dating but felt it was too weird and felt like they were more family than anything.  Even when Emma starts experiencing strange new bodily functions (haha), Kyle stands by her side and supports her.

Then comes along Micah…. Tall, dark and handsome. Except, Micah now gets the new and “improved” Emma, even though she doesn’t get herself. The attraction between them is undeniable.  It seems ludicrous that each time they’re around each other they’re pawing at each other but then begins to make more sense.

Of course, there is always a catch to the story, lol. Micah has his dark secrets too. Emma’s is her power but she has to learn Micah’s, especially the more intense their relationship gets. The stranger part of the story is tied to the long lost father she’s never known.  Oh yea, and then throw in the good looking friend of Kyle’s, Damon, who hits it off really with Emma also.

This was definitely a good book to read. It’s also different from the typical paranormal genre since it pertains to witches not vampires, werewolves, and so on.  And sadly, I now have to wait for the continuation :(.


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