Review – Chasing Spring by R.S. Grey

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I’m an avid R.S. Grey reader and have loved her writing since her first book! This book just made me love her writing even more! It is definitely not her typical light-hearted and funny romance novel. Instead, this story takes you through the troubles of being a teen in a small town returning after the collapse of her entire world. Emotionally, it’s a roller coaster but, to me, that’s very fitting with being in high school, dealing with the issues mentioned in the book, etc. I honestly could not have asked for a better branching out novel and am so grateful we got to read this gem!
*** I am writing this without trying to spoil the story because the story is so worth the read!***
Lilah had it all before she left even without all of the money and such. Chase did too. Then their worlds fell apart because she left and then she returns completely different and without returning to the worlds they know. Lilah was very frustrating at times but, honestly, what teenage girl isn’t?! I remember feeling how she did at points in this story during high school along with how cruel and unforgiving high school AND small town mentalities. Chase seemed really mature for his age to me, which contradicts Lilah’s reactions to the same events. I liked that, for once, Lilah’s return wasn’t her being shunned by her all of her old friends and some still actively tried to be there for her too. Lilah was infuriating at points with her assumptions and recklessness and never realizing that Chase specifically had been dealt a bad hand too. I felt sad for a couple of the side characters and their home lives. Their presence was weaved into the story subtly and shows that it really doesn’t matter which side of the tracks you are on – everyone has secrets and judging someone for theirs when yours may be the same (you just have more rapport or money), doesn’t make it okay. Rather, be a helping hand or lead by example. When Lilah wasn’t reckless, you got to know her as empathetic and a helper trying to do right by others.
I appreciated the time taken with the small details and memories throughout the story and the subtle humor. However, this story is not a light read but it’s not a horribly heavy read either. There are some darker subject matters mentioned but not like you would read in an adult novel. I LOVE that R.S. branched out and wrote this beautiful story. I’d love to see more of this style too!


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