Review – Breaking Alexandria by K.A. Robinson

I have a few go to favorite authors and K.A. Is definitely one of them. Seriously, in love with her books and this is another to add to the list. I love her writing style, music references (let me know if you need to help with some country song references K.A.), and the plots (always a good twist in the book).

So, I’ve kinda always tried to hide the country girl in me… Then I read this book and found myself agreeing to the stuff about the farm life and remembering similar good times from when I was growing up, like just simple and basic things to be happy doing, not partying it up.

On the other side of this story though, I remember feeling so lost and confused some days as a teenager like Alexandria did. However, I busted my tail on the farm and didn’t have a chance at considering getting in trouble, lol.

This story was so real, pulls you in and keeps you wondering what Alexandria will choose for herself and what she’ll get handed next. You also see different sides to both Joel and Landon, which aren’t exactly what you’d expect in the story. Gotta love the random plot twists, lol. I’m wondering if there will be a book from either or both of their viewpoints?

P.S. #teamlandon for the win. Did I mention I am a sucker for a good looking country boy?


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