Review – Behind His Lens by R.S. Grey

I have to say first off, I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!  Lol. Secondly, sorry R.S. if this review is sucky.
Also, I may give spoilers so you are warned:)

Behind His Lens is set in NYC and rotates between the perspectives of 27 year old Jude and 23 year old Charley. The book starts out in a club scene talking about Jude’s crude way of living when it comes to women along with his best friend Bennett. While in the middle of his typical sex lifestyle, Jude spots his “Angel” and knows he would anything to have her but because of who he is and his past, he refuses to approach or allow that to happen.

Charley is a girl from the upper side of NYC but lives a very different lifestyle than how she grew up. However, works as if she is still in that life, in a sense, as a model for magazines. Charley refuses to even be with anyone and has had no desire to have anything to do w her past, family and old lifestyle all because of the ominous incident that happened 4 years prior.

The day after the club scene, they, of course, end up meeting on a photo shoot where she is the model and he is the photographer. The sensuality and tension from that moment on throughout the book becomes every reader’s frustration, confusion, and turn ons.

This was not a typical love at first sight I love you within two seconds book, which I’m thankful for since R.S. knows I’m reading and reviewing it:). This book carried back stories and depth behind each character introduced, which was minimal actually.  This was great because it kept the book more focused on the main characters and allowed you to grow into their roles and love them even more.

I loved some of the most random phrases in the book, also.  To me they were quirky and funny in describing the situations. For example, Charley’s initial description of Jude being all man and a combination of a NY intellectual and Bear Grylls cracked me up. Or when she talks about the tension between them and not knowing if Jude is telling her to “fuck him or fuck off.” I loved when Jude talks about how Charley responds to reading books, like the book he loans her on the plane. It reminded me of my best friend and blogmate and how we are when reading books.

There were more serious quotes though that I loved too and felt, with current job, were very true and useable. For example, when Charley is told “You’re allowed sad days, Charley. I wouldn’t expect anything less, but you aren’t allowed to have a sad life.”

I loved that this book carried depth and realistic type situations and stories within it unlike some books in this genre. I 200% recommend reading this book and can’t wait to read more by R.S.

– Jamie



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