Review – Always You by Missy Johnson

Oh please, Dalton, be my teacher?!

I really enjoyed this book and Wrenn and Dalton’s story.  Both have dark issues to deal with, including the loss of parents.  Dalton’s was his dad due to an incurable disease and he has the potential to have the disease also.  Wrenn’s was her entire family due to a car accident.  Her aunt is basically the connection for these two since she is the one that took in Wrenn and she is the headmistress at the all girls boarding school Wrenn also attends and Dalton teaches temporarily for a couple months.  The fact that Wrenn and Dalton had to grow up so fast is a huge part of the connection between them too.

I loved to dueling viewpoints for this book to allow a readers inside both of their heads as this relationship blossoms and grows into something so much stronger.  They are both faced with fears from their pasts and potential futures or lack of a future and of getting caught.  The book was written with a realistic plot, especially with the two of them fairly close in age and in real life situations.  In the beginning, Mark, a fellow teacher, even makes the comment that these girls could have been Dalton’s next girl on the college campus.  The story seems fairly common but does hold some plot twists for just the right amount of angst for the readers and to keep you drawn into their story.

This story is a sweet, realistic, simplistic, and slightly dark romance with some angst but not so much that it seemed too over the top and unrealistic.  I love student/teacher stories and this one is definitely one of my favorites.  I think that the book was well written and keeps a reader’s attention just right, especially since I read it in a day:)


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