Release Day Launch and Review – Fisher’s Light by Tara Sivec

Fisher’s Light
By Tara Sivec
Release Date: March 24, 2015

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I guess this is it, huh? After fourteen years together, starting a life of our own on this island, five deployments and countless letters I’ve written you through it all, I finally go out to the mailbox and see something I’ve always dreamed of: an envelope with your handwriting on it. For one moment, I actually thought you’d changed your mind, that all the awful things you said to me were just your way of coping after everything you’d been through. I was still here, Fisher. I was still here, holding my breath, waiting for you to come back even though you told me you never would. You always said you’d find your way back to me. Out of all the lies you’ve told me, this one hurts the most.

Enclosed you will find the signed divorce papers, as requested.
I hope you find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry it wasn’t me.

To get the ending they want, Lucy and Fisher will have to go back to the beginning. Through the good and the bad, they’ll be reminded of why they always made their way back to each other, and why this time, one way or another, it will be the last time.


Jamie’s Review:

***Possible spoilers***

This is now one of my new top favorite books ever and a must read! There are some heavy topics though in it – just as a warning.

There are so many reasons that I loved this book. One is that it kept some humor in it (i.e.: every name but Stanford used) even with the nature of the story. I loved it more though because it really touched on so many more topics very thoroughly and that aren’t talked about it many stories. For example, the flashbacks and blending of reality and the flashbacks tied to PTSD, wanting to serve our country against family wishes, 9/11/01 and the war, divorce, alcoholism, and what it’s like to be in a high school sweetheart relationship, along with being a military spouse.

This story also put the main characters at my exact age so I really connected with them on this level too. I was a senior, like Fisher, when the war started and almost signed up as well but chose not to for various and personal reasons.

Another reason I loved this story was because I felt at peace with the ending and length of the story. I never felt like it was rushed or not fully conveying its message or story. I loved that it wasn’t just another quick read and really took the time to build the story and characters.

*Possible spoiler*

I loved the development of the main characters in this book!

Lucy is your average girl and feels like that average girl. She has sass, class, *ahem* curves, a fighter attitude, determination, patience, understanding, maturity, intelligence, the same self-esteem issues most of us women have, wants to succeed and fit in, works hard, and has a huge heart. You feel for her, knowing she’s been destroyed and pieced back together so much, and that she has to still fight for everything, all while keeping a reign in on her feelings in front of everyone.

Fisher, oh my Fisher. My goodness, my heart broke for him and understood his want to do something worthwhile and honorary for his country, while still being a good husband/son/grandson/friend. He is every girl’s dream guy and hero all in one but so damaged from his own family and war.
I LOVE the journal entries he writes and how they aren’t exactly in order for this story but fit so well into the story. They allow you to really get a feel for Fisher’s mindset during important points in their lives. His undying love for Lucy is amazing to read and is such a beautiful thing.

“…Lucy was a breath of fresh air in my otherwise stagnant world. She didn’t blow through my life like a hurricane, but she disrupted my world just the same. Lucy was more like a gentle breeze that whispered against your skin, teasing you, soothing you and forcing you to chase after it just so you could feel it again.”

“You make everything perfect, Lucy. You’re my light and my life and all I need is your love to guide me home, no matter where I go.”


My other favorite characters were Trip, Seth, and Bobby. They all kept it real and help keep Fisher on his toes and in check with reality. Everyone needs family and friends like these guys, especially in rough times.

Seth gets up from the chair, resting his hand on my shoulder as he walks by. “To get to the good, sometimes you have to live through the bad.”

I can’t stress how much I loved this story and really connected with this story and will highly recommend it to anyone who will (or won’t) listen! Besides, who doesn’t love a possible second chance with the love of their life?



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