Release Blitz – A Bird on a Windowsill  by Laura Miller

Genre: Small-town, second-chance romance (contemporary new adult)Pages: 285

Release Date: June 20, 2016







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“Who do you choose, Vannah?”
She’s standing at the door, her dark green eyes slicing open the distance between her gaze and mine. And I’m just staring back at her. And three thoughts are all that are on my mind: 

I love this girl.

I love this girl.

I love this girl.

She takes a breath. I hold mine. And with that, a silent thought slips into my cadence. 

I love this girl.

I love this girl.

I love this girl.

Choose me.
Choose me.
Salem and Savannah have known each other since childhood, and nearly every memory they each hold, they share together. But when Savannah tells Salem that her family is moving to South Carolina only days into their sophomore year of high school, Salem is devastated. 
They vow to spend the rest of Savannah’s time in their small hometown, together, rewinding the last ten years of their young lives, until one day, Salem wakes up, and Savannah’s gone. 
But that’s not the last time their paths cross. In fact, life continues to intertwine their stories, until one sunny afternoon, Salem walks into their hometown’s newspaper office and looks up to a familiar face. It’s Savannah, and she’s just the same as the last time he saw her. The only problem is, he’s not.
Based in small-town Missouri, A Bird on a Windowsill tells the story of a boy and a girl who share one past. And now, at twenty-three, having spent the last six years apart, they both must navigate the delicate line of loving and letting go, until they’re each faced with a choice that could change their future—and their story.

About the Author:

LAURA MILLER is the national bestselling author of six novels. She writes about rain on tin roofs, gravel roads, old trucks with holes in the floorboards and small-town summer nights. Laura grew up on a farm in a little Midwestern town. Now, she lives in Kansas City, Mo., with her weatherman husband.

You can follow Laura on Facebook at and on Instagram and Twitter @lauramiller01. And visit her at
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