Favorite Friday – Miles From Home by Ava Bell

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January 6, 2015

Six months after the death of her mother, twenty-one-year-old Maggie Taylor is just trying to get through each day when she’s offered a coveted spot at a prestigious dance school in New York City. Knowing her father will not approve, she packs her car and sets out on a road trip that will leave her forever changed.
Twenty-one-year-old Sam Austin is tired of being stuck in a small town. Forced to deal with his father’s alcoholism since his mother left eleven years ago. Sam has only ever found solace in music and frequent one-night-stands. When Sam is presented with the opportunity to move to Chicago, he leaps at the chance, and leaves town with only his backpack and guitar.
After Sam and Maggie arrive in the small Midwestern town of Hermann Missouri they are forced to share the only room available. What starts as a simple inconvenience soon turns in to a weekend of passion. A passion that will burn until they are reunited years later by a terrible tragedy.


About the Author:

Ava Bell was born and raised in Oklahoma where she resides with her husband, two children and three dogs. Miles From Home is her debut novel and was released on January 6th. Ava is currently working on her second novel which should be released in late summer.
Ava enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her family. She’s also an avid reader. Some of her favorite authors are : Stephen King, C.J. Roberts, Cassia Leo, Caroline Kepnes and Colleen Hoover.

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Miles-Home-Ava-Bell-ebo…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9796059.Ava_Bell

twitter: https://twitter.com/authoravabell



Paula’s Review:

**I was given this ARC in an honest review**Ava Bell has become one of my favorite new authors. I loved the story line of Sam and Maggie. It is about a girl named Maggie, who got let into a ballet academy in New York and while she was leaving, her car broke down. As she was sitting in her car, she sees a guy walking towards her. He helps her get the car started and she is so thankful that she wants to give him a ride to wherever he needs to go.

Sam is leaving his home to go to Chicago to help his cousin with his bar. While Sam is on the bus, the bus stops to let people off for a few minutes to get something to eat, drink or more. As Sam is getting his food, the bus leaves him stranded. As he walks to the nearest bus stop, he runs into Maggie, who’s car broke down.

Sam and Maggie take the car to a mechanic to get fixed and while they wait on the parts, they decide to go out an eat. After they are done, they go back to the car to get their clothes, which in that time the auto shop closed. Sam was frustrated cause he left his clothes and guitar case in the car, so he can’t go to the bus stop, so they decide to get a hotel. There are no hotels with rooms, except for one Bed and Breakfast and they decide to share it.

After getting to know each other, they start to fall in love. Sam and Maggie go their separate ways not knowing if they will ever see each other again. There are so many emotions going on in this book. If you want to know what happens to Sam and Maggie, then you need to get this book and I recommend it! Can’t wait to read more books by Ava Bell!


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