Double Review – 53 Letters for My Lover and From His Lips: A 53 Letters Short Story by Leylah Attar

index*Possible Spoiler*

This is not a pretty little love story that you just read. This is a life altering story and if you can relate to any part of it at all, you will laugh, cry, get mad, be happy, be shocked and horrified, and then end up with a couple week book hangover like I did. I CAN NOT explain to you how this book really affected me, without divulging parts of my life.

This story spans over decades of time and really makes you remember how life was before technology and how people really connected. It also shows you how sometimes fate/God/higher powers can work in ways you can’t control – If someone is meant to be a part of your life they will always be a part of your life.

This story slowly pulls you in and then unravels itself and wraps around your heart in so many ways. This is one story that I actually teared up with and I do not cry over movies or books. However, because of some parts I could relate too, it really pulled at me. Even now, as I finally bring myself to write this review 2-3 weeks later, I’m drug back into the story and emotions I carried with it.

Please read this beautifully written story that isn’t exactly so beautiful. It is so worth your time and the hangover 🙂







A fantastic insight of the other side of the most beautiful and heartbreaking story!! I was still recovering from the book hangover from 53 Letters and this made me love it even more than I already did 🙂





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