Author Spotlight – Cynthia Ogren

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A little about Cynthia Ogren:

Cynthia Ogren is a lifelong reader, writer, and self-described word nerd. Originally from Illinois, she has lived all over the United States and has traveled extensively. She attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, majoring in psychology and English literature. Her work resumé includes stints as a model, a retail department manager, and an assistant to a gynecological oncologist.
Her hobbies include: maniacal reading, coffee swilling, Facebooking, gabbing on the phone, creating wild fantasies in her head while on the treadmill, weight-lifting, travel, getting lost in films and pop culture, and the quiet subversion of the system. She also enjoys intriguing conversation, art, dogs, meditation, bohemianism, ghosts, and popcorn.
She’s not above exceeding the speed limit or wild flirtations—and would not necessarily refuse offers that involve exotic travel and dirty martinis.
Ms Ogren works from her writer’s retreat, aptly named Wit’s End, in Texas where she lives with her miniature schnauzer, R-Dog. She’s a member of RWA and Passionate Ink.

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Her debut book, Beautiful Monsters:
Beautiful Monsters


“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” ~Shakespeare
Hollywood: Movie Capital of the World, La La Land, Tinseltown, Hollyweird, Gomorrah, Land of Broken Dreams…Hell.
Makeup artist Riley Rinaldi has it all: beauty, wealth, talent, and undeniable sex appeal. But besieged by her past and the very attributes so many envy, she lives a lonely life devoid of the one commodity she cannot grasp–love.
When sexy heartthrob Keller Cross swaggers onto the set of Beautiful Monsters, Riley’s self-protective veneer cracks wide open. Her dormant passion ignites as the bad-boy actor thrusts her onto the volatile glass stage of Hollywood celebrity–and down into the depths of his sordid sexual deviancy.
Against a backdrop of studio politics, fame, jealousy, and unrequited love, their white-hot chemistry explodes onto the film set, incinerating their former lives and exposing the unseemly underbelly of La La Land.
But does love stand a chance among the beautiful monsters?

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